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This Week's Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes To 

 Hope Solo  


It’s funny how Ray Rice’s and Adrian Petersen’s lives, deservingly, have come to a halt because of domestic violence. Certainly, Rice deserves full punishment for his cowardly act.  The inflammatory accusations against Petersen should be more closely examined.  To mark his son with welts and marks is unacceptable, but the description of the instrument used to inflict the punishment is unfair. He deserves to be held up to public scrutiny for what he did, but the media’s insistent mischaracterization of a “switch” as a “tree branch” is just not right. One thing’s for certain, I see a double standard when a white woman acts in the same despicable manner in the context of domestic violence. So it is with female hockey star, Hope Solo. There was not nor has there been the constant negative media coverage or outrage when she beat the living daylights out of her half-sister and nephew in a drunken rage at their house last June. Since the incident, Hope hasn’t missed a beat. Solo wasn’t thrown off her team, didn’t have to post bail when she was arrested and she is still considered a female American hero after-the-fact. No one has offered her fans the opportunity to exchange any of her endorsement products. Hope, you are too aggressive off the field! You have a history of violence with your husband, too, which was swept under the rug. You are an Olympic Gold Medal recipient with a penchant for trouble.  That makes you a perfect candidate for this week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award.  







The dog bite award for celebrities who say and do stupid obnoxious things.








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