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This Week's Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes To 

Mike Huckabee 


Mike, you are the perfect candidate to keep a Democrat in the White House! I have withheld giving you this uncoveted award long enough! You consistently make stupid outbursts on everything from gun rights to gay rights.  I can’t let you slide any longer. How can we ever forget your comment about women’s dependency on government, or as you put it “Uncle Sugar” concerning contraceptives? Over the weekend in New Hampshire at the Koch Brother’s “Citizens United Freedom” circus, you did it again. This time, you said that North Korea seems to be more free than the United States. You found it amazing that travelers in the United States must produce several IDs and endure body searches at the airport, but need no ID to vote. First of all, why don’t you do us all a favor and move to North Korea and get back to us on that freedom comparison.  Kim Jong Un would be glad to show you just how free you are. You may not be allowed to get back with us on the freedom comparison since you are a short, fat white guy who can’t play basketball. Attempting to parallel IDs at the airport with IDs for voting shows how foolish you are. One is clearly to monitor terrorism, while the other is to place obstacles to voting in the way of hard-working, usually less fortunate, disabled, or elderly Americans.  Suppressing votes sounds very North Korean to me. I’m happy you are so fond of the vast liberties in North Korea. You are, inexplicably, gearing up for a run in the primaries in the United States. SNL will make you into a punchline. You’ll never make it past the primaries.  Admittedly, you have some crazy constituents.  However, the only nominations you will get is for the weekly Attack Dawg Bite Award.





The dog bite award for celebrities who say and do stupid obnoxious things.








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