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This Week's Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes To 

 Chris Christie  


Christie, you and I don’t agree on much; however, I’ll admit that I agree with you on mandatory Ebola quarantine. Considering the the mishaps in Texas and the fact that Craig Spencer spent a night out on the town in New York City after coming back from caring for Ebola patients in Africa, I think we can’t be too cautious. I was even angry with Nurse Hickox, who vociferously protested her quarantine in Newark, NJ after her return from West Africa. She even threatens to sue the State of New Jersey, alleging that New Jersey violated her civil rights. I think all people coming from those infected countries should be quarantined.  Period.  End of discussion! I have no confidence in the CDC, NIH, White House or the medical-community-at-large, which insists that mandatory quarantine isn’t necessary for people who show no signs of Ebola, especially when their rationale is that mandatory quarantine will only discourage medical experts from going to West Africa. My response to that is, if Ebola ends up an epidemic over here because of carelessness, what difference will it make?  In Nurse Hickox’s case, she even had a temperature when she arrived at Newark Airport. She should have been quarantined! All that said, the problem I have with you, Governor Christie is, as usual, your large-and-in-charge (no pun intended) approach to everything. Your inhumane facility of quarantine brought reproach on the idea of mandatory quarantine. After seeing the despicable environment Nurse Kaci Hickox was subjected to, no wonder she wants to sue your pompous ass! Christie, these people are professional medical heroes who deserve the utmost respect and dignity! With a mandatory quarantine, they should enjoy plush surroundings with all the finest amenities. These quarantines should be so comfortable that medical experts will line up to fight Ebola in West Africa.  When they come back, they should come back to a mandatory quarantine of twenty-one days, but the environment should be one of complete bliss and pampering, as if they were on a royal vacation. Instead, you had Ms. Hickox detained in a plastic tent with no TV or shower facility. For that gross offense, my dear plump Governor, you get this week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award!




The dog bite award for celebrities who say and do stupid obnoxious things.








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