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This Week's Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes To 

Cliven Bundy 


Stop with the bull crap,  Cliven Bundy! You are about as much a patriotic hero as Edward Snowden. Why do you and some conservatives feel you are above the law and can pick-and-choose laws you’ll follow?  Conservatives like you suck at the government tit in areas as federal farm subsidies and corporate tax loopholes, yet you describe yourself as a hero.  In reality, you are a tax-cheating slug who has, literally, extracted government acquiescence through the use of loaded guns!  In my neighborhood, we call that robbery!  Cliven, you’ve stated that you don’t recognize the federal government! Because of that, you’ve chosen not to pay federal taxes or the fees, which allow your livestock to graze on federal land - free of charge.  In reality, you are ripping off all Americans. Let me award you this week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award for being so disrespectful to the American people who pay taxes and whom you expect to pick up your tab!





The dog bite award for celebrities who say and do stupid obnoxious things.








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