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This Week's Attack Dawg Bite Award Goes To 

 Leon Panetta  


Dear Leon “Judas” Panetta:

Since you are going around making disparaging remarks in interviews and in your new book, about the president, I’ve decided to write you a letter. Wow, what a sleazy low-life you’ve turned out to be jumping on the band wagon of disruptive unproductive conservative politicians and media pimps to make a buck on a book. Panetta, I hope your book sales reflect your integrity, if that be the case you might sell five books! After the Clinton administration you were pretty much all but forgotten until President Obama gave you a life as top dog at the CIA. Right before the mid-term elections you repay  the president’s faith in you by stabbing him in the back to sell your book. Leon, I admit, I haven’t and will not read your book considering your basely opinions and lack of consideration for the president. Panetta, it’s always good to see that you are continuing the great CIA tradition, of assassinating good strong black leaders just as it did in 1961 to Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba of the Congo. It is with great pleasure and disgust I award you this week’s Attack Dawg Bite Award.


Attack Dawg




The dog bite award for celebrities who say and do stupid obnoxious things.








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